How to Optimize Your Site for Bargain Hunters

» Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Strategy | Comments Off on How to Optimize Your Site for Bargain Hunters

Whether you have an online store and you ship products internationally or your website is simply an informative page for customers to visit your store locally, you’re not just targeting shoppers when it comes to search engine results – you’re specifically targeting bargain hunters. These shoppers are the ones most likely to be looking for things to buy. Search Engine Watch reports that 46 percent of people seeking travel services looked specifically for bargains, as did 35 percent of beauty and personal care product shoppers, 34 percent of electronics shoppers and 30 percent of online grocery shoppers. Take advantage of these consumers’ drive to save money by optimizing your site for those seeking to spend less.

Target Bargain Search Terms

Instead of focusing solely on words related to your products and services – and the city of your target demographic, which is a must for effective geotargeting – add bargain-related words to your keywords as well. These terms include:

  • Cheap
  • Affordable
  • Bargain
  • Discounted
  • Coupons (coupon codes)
  • Deals
  • Half off, 50% off (or other percentages)

Add them to your list of phrases you’ve been incorporating into your content in order to trigger a search engine result. For example, instead of just “new chairs Seattle,” focus on “affordable new chairs Seattle.” Even if you don’t have a specific sale going on, keep these bargain search terms in use every time you post a new piece of content.

Put More Effort in During Holidays

According to Search Engine Land, 26 percent of online holiday purchases began with a simple organic search. There’s more competition than ever during the year’s busiest shopping seasons, so it’s more important than ever that you focus on bargain-related search terms. Add holiday words to your search terms during these seasons as well, like “Christmas” and “Black Friday.” Don’t just focus on the year-end sales, either. Smaller holidays throughout the year – everything from Valentine’s Day to Easter – are busier shopping seasons, and you can draw more bargain hunters than usual to your site.

Organize More Sales

While you can incorporate bargain-related search terms into your site’s keywords regardless of any current promotions, your business will do better if there’s a big payoff waiting for the shoppers when they arrive at your site. sales a regular part of your business’ offerings, even if it’s just a small selection of your offerings that are on sale at any given time. You might also offer coupon codes for a small discount off any purchase or free shipping promotions. Encourage more people to sign up for your newsletter or follow your social media profiles by making certain discount codes exclusive to those platforms.

Get the bargain hunters to your website for one or two products on sale and they’ll stick around to see everything else that’s at full price. Provide compelling, regularly updated content, and these people who initially find your site by searching for discounts will become regular visitors and frequent shoppers. Targeting bargain shoppers specifically will help your website stand out amongst the competition.